101 Flash Briefing Content Ideas

Ok, so you have your very own Alexa Flash Briefing Skill for your business. You can reach anyone with an Alexa device right in their own home! That's amazing! But, now what?....what do you say to them? How do you keep them engaged and interested in your content while still building rapport AND boosting sales?

Here are some content ideas to consider:

  1. Your Podcast!
  2. Share a Business Success
  3. Ask a Question
  4. Mention a Discount or Product Promotion
  5. Say Something Funny
  6. Share Some Behind-the-Scenes Information About Your Business
  7. Start a Poll
  8. Start a "30-Day" Content Series
  9. Share a Helpful Tip
  10. Mention Local News Topics
  11. Discuss Upcoming Community Events
  12. Tell a Personal Story
  13. Share an Inspirational Quote
  14. Describe the History of Your Business
  15. Start a Contest
  16. Create Your Own Jingle
  17. Share a Customer Testimonial
  18. Mention Your Website
  19. Refer Listeners to Your Social Media Accounts
  20. Highlight a Product or Service
  21. Start a "How to" Series
  22. Share a "Fan of the Week"
  23. Mention What Happened "On This Day" in Years Past
  24. Spread Some Holiday Cheer
  25. Tell a Customer or Client Success Story
  26. Share Industry News Highlights
  27. Giveaway Something for Free
  28. Share a Fun Statistic
  29. Explain How Your Business Gives Back to Your Community
  30. Showcase the Individuals Behind Your Brand
  31. Capitalize on Current Trends...(Is anyone else tired of "Baby Shark"?)
  32. Mention Your Hashtags
  33. Share Inspirational or Motivational Messages
  34. Tell Listeners Where to Find Your Physical Location
  35. Interview Other Experts in Your Field
  36. Advertise A Job Opening
  37. Share a Life Hack
  38. Celebrate Little Known or Weird Holidays
  39. Share Live Updates of Big Events
  40. Advertise Your Newsletter
  41. Share Nostalgic Memories
  42. Partner with an Influencer
  43. Have Listeners Identify a Mystery Sound
  44. Promote a Live Stream
  45. Announce Contest Winners
  46. Announce Brand Changes or Updates
  47. Share Other Users' Content (With Their Permission of Course!)
  48. Share Seasonal Content
  49. Ask Fans to Share Your Skill with Their Friends
  50. Explain a Unique Way to Use an Existing Product
  51. Share Something You're Grateful For
  52. Share a "Did You Know?" Shocking Statement
  53. Have an Announcement Countdown
  54. Tease Information on A Blog Post
  55. Ask for Feedback
  56. Ask a True/False Question
  57. Share an "About Me" Message That Has Nothing to Do With Your Business
  58. Ask Opinions on a Controversial Topic
  59. Review a Case Study
  60. Give a Play-by-Play of What You Do Throughout the Day
  61. Describe the Best or Worst Thing About Your Job
  62. Talk About Your Future Plans
  63. Share a Movie Quote That Applies To Your Business
  64. What Books Do You Recommend to Your Listeners?
  65. Reference TV Shows About Your Line of Work
  66. Share Your Vacation/Business Travel Experience
  67. Explain How Your Hobbies Make You Better at Your Business
  68. How Do Your Children Inspire and/or Motivate You
  69. Share Something Funny or Horrible Your Pet Did
  70. What Current Trends Are Important to Your Industry?
  71. Share What Continuing Education Programs You're Involved With
  72. Explain How Technology Has Helped Your Business
  73. What Apps or Other Alexa Skills Would You Recommend to Listeners?
  74. Share an Addicting Game
  75. How Will Virtual Realty or Augmented Reality Change Your Industry?
  76. How Is Your Life Affected by Changing Privacy Concerns?
  77. Share Your Work Background With Listeners
  78. What What the Most Significant Event In Your Life and Why?
  79. Share the Clubs and Networking Groups You Belong To
  80. Discussions of Coffee and Wine are ALWAYS Popular
  81. What Outdoor Activities Do You Like to Do?
  82. What Exercise Program are You Following?
  83. Share Health Tips
  84. Talk About How You Deal with Change in Your Life or Business
  85. What Special Talents or Skills Make You Good at Your Job?
  86. What Personal Habits Have Led to Your Success?
  87. What are Your 1-Year, 5-Year, and 10-Year Goals for Your Business?
  88. Share Volunteer/Charity Opportunities That Your Listeners Can Be Involved In
  89. What Other Languages Do You Know or Are You Interested In Studying?
  90. What Superhero Best Represents You?
  91. How Do You Deal With Stress?
  92. How Important is Creativity to Your Success?
  93. What Are Your Personal Keys to Happiness?
  94. Share the Advertising Strategies That Have Worked Best (and the worst) For Your Business
  95. What Does Your Ideal Client Look Like?
  96. What Stereotypes Are You Fighting in Life and in Business?
  97. Comment on Any Significant Weather Events
  98. How Has Luck Impacted Your Life?
  99. Do You Believe in Karma?
  100. How Do Your Sleep Habits Affect Your Success?
  101. What Has Been Your Greatest Fear, and How Have You Overcome It?

If this list has inspired you to create your very own Alexa Flash Briefing Skill, we'd love to be able to set it up for you. It's easier and less expensive than you think to reach millions of listeners from all over the world. Contact me for more information!


- April Tellers



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