4 Best Free Apps for Project Managers

The Project Management industry is notorious for operating in old-fashioned ways. In this digital age, we still tend to use paper checklists and print copies of critical documents for our project folders.

Here are a few apps we recommend to achieve success in this digital age:

  1. Allthings. Create and share plans, projects, tasks and lists in minutes. Reduce dependence on email by commenting on tasks and attaching documents in Allthings. Get things done on time by adding deadlines and clearly marking tasks as priorities. (www.allthings.io)
  2. Trello. Trello markets itself as "your sidekick for getting things done and staying organized." With this app, you can create boards to organize anything you're working on. You can customize workflows for different projects, and attach files, photos, and videos. (https://trello.com)
  3. Avaza. The big advantage of Avaza over some of these other apps is that you can also manage your team's timesheets and expenses right in the app. (https://www.avaza.com)
  4. Asana. One of the highest-rate apps is Asana. With it's clean user interface and streamlined set of features, it's one of our favorites. (https://asana.com)


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