Amazon Alexa Hacks for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you probably are always thinking about ways to get in front of potential customers and ways to separate yourself from the flock of agents looking to nab the next client. Do you have an email list? Do you send postcards? What about social media or website updates?

You're doing those? Great! Well, chances are, your competition is doing those things as well. What about Voice? Have you started setting yourself apart from other agents by using Amazon Echo or Google Home devices to your advantage? It's estimated that over 50 Million Americans are using voice-activated devices, so if you're not already taking advantage of this built-in audience, you should be! Here are 3 ways you can use this platform to your advantage.

1. Listing Information Available At Showings. Imagine if prospective buyers walked into your listing, and could just say, "Alexa, tell me about this house.", and Alexa would do all the selling for you. She could tell them about the features, interesting facts, and even fun stories from the homeowners. Maybe there's a time capsule buried in the backyard, or maybe the home has had some famous owners in its past. Let Alexa tell every single person who walks through the home all about it!

To set up your very own Alexa Showing Kit, you just need an Amazon Echo Device. The Echo Dot is the least expensive in the fleet, and will do the job just fine.

And, then you need some simple Alexa Skill programming. It's something you can do yourself, if you want to take the time to learn. Or, you can send the information to a Skill Designer and have them set it up for you. Here's one option that allows you to use one Echo device on as many listings as you'd like for one monthly price.

2. Flash Briefings for Your Brand. Imagine if you could speak to every single potential client, every single day, right in their own home. How would that change your business? Now it's possible to set up a Flash Briefing where your potential clients can hear your community updates, home buying/selling tips, and any new listings or open houses you have coming up.

If you have computer programming skills, you can set this up yourself by creating an Amazon Developer account. Or, you can update your audience as often as you'd like, just by sending a quick email, by using a system such as this.

3. Smart Home Capabilities for Listings. I once walked into a listing where all the lights could be turned on and off just by giving Alexa a command, "Alexa, turn lights on." and "Alexa, turn lights off." It made my job as a Real Estate Agent so much easier, and definitely impressed my Buyers. Be that Agent that impresses clients by setting up Smart Home Capabilities in your listings.

What do you think? How is voice technology going to change your business? Let us know your thoughts!


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