Business Feature: Rehfeld's Art & Framing

From Forensic Scientist to Successful Sioux Falls Business Owner, today's Business Feature is a fascinating conversation with Matt Jorgenson at Rehfeld's Art & Framing. Read on for more information on his road to success!

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself, Matt. Well... I am a local boy (Brandon Valley and Augie grad). I was actually a forensic scientist for 18 years before walking away from it. First a chemist with the Washington State Patrol where I was the chemist on the SWAT Team raiding meth labs and then I ran two different labs, one in Northern CO and then here for the Sioux Falls PD. After I quit the SFPD, I started building furniture from reclaimed barn lumber. From that, came the opportunity to buy the 1948 Trading Company in Brandon, which I still own. Entrepreneurship doesn't just run in my GALLOPS! My Grandfather started Formetop in Sioux Falls, my Father started Sioux Marble in Brandon, my brother owns his own reclaimed wood furniture company, my brother-in-law owns his own pharmacy, and my wife started a bakery!!!  Spring of 2016, Larry Rehfeld came to me and asked if I was interested in having a presence on Phillips Ave. He said he liked what I was about and thought that his gallery would be a good fit for me. He was right. In the past two years I have tried hard to keep Rehfeld's a relevant and a must-see spot downtown. We have taken on several new artists, large commercial projects, and even several opportunities to give back to the community through fund raising for several local charities. It's been a helluva ride and we are only JUST getting started.
  • Can you give us a little bit of background information about your business? Rehfeld's Art and Framing was started over 30 years ago by Larry Rehfeld. The mission of the company then AND now is to give our customers access to reasonably priced, high quality custom framing as well as curate a gallery full of local artists and celebrate this incredible local talent.

    • What is a typical day like for you?  The one thing I am MOST lacking in when it comes to my professional life is "routine"! LOL I always have the best of intentions but with one phone call can alter my day's trajectory. However, I do have a daily "to do" list that I complete each day. Every day I end unwinding with some time with my wife. We try and go over the day and talk about the coming day.
    • Tell us something interesting about yourself that most people don’t know…I have a religion minor to go with my Chemistry major. I actually contemplated being a pastor before being a forensic chemist.
    • Do you have a favorite quote or saying that motivates you?  "You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you." - Walt Disney ...or... my personal favorite: "Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight." - Japanese Proverb   I have always rooted for the little guy. I have also always cheered for those that overcame adversity. ALL of those examples in my family I gave above put themselves out guarantee of success. My father started a company from scratch and it took a long time to take off...and I KNOW what government cheese tastes like. It's OK to try and to fail. It's what you DO with that opportunity that makes the person. ANYONE can succeed in prosperity. I want to know those that have overcome adversity.
    • What advice would you have for someone looking to follow in your footsteps? The Baby Boomers are getting to the point where their businesses are coming to an end. Find a sector that is relevant today and either look to take over a business that is already established in that sector OR fill a need as those businesses close in that sector. BOTH The 1948 Trading and Rehfeld's were decent established businesses that I took on and gave my own personality to.
    • If you could have a clean slate to start over, what would you do differently in your career? Stay in Forensics and never leave CO??? LOL Sorry - I don't dwell on Coulda, Shoula, Woulda's. Every decision has a life of it's own and we can't go back and make the decision over. We just forge ahead.
    • What are some of the ways customers can help your business? Rehfeld's has an INCREDIBLY talented and knowledgeable staff! Most may just assume that original artwork or custom framing is out of their price rage. We have something for ALL price ranges. Just inside our front door, in fact, is the SAME poster framed 6 different ways ranging from $200 to over $500 depending on your budget and your individual tastes. Crazy days is coming up, too! We will have LOADS of deals on all kinds of prints, frames, and other home decor stuff!

    • Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you or your business? Come in and check out the artwork, check out some framing ideas. Check us out on FB (we LOVE Facebook stalkers!) ...and make sure to come in and enjoy all of our First Friday events. For a Calendar of what artists will be featured when, check out our website.
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    • Where can people find you?

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