How to Increase Sales with Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings

With over 50 million Amazon Alexa users in the United States, reaching your target demographic via Alexa Flash Briefings is one of the most undervalued ways of reaching your target audience.

Every time your target client says, "Alexa, what's my Flash Briefing?", they could be hearing your content. Stop getting lost in the noise of all the advertisements on TV, radio, print and social media, and be one of the first to reach your audience through Amazon Alexa.

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Here are four ways to establish yourself as an expert to your target demographic and attract more business:

  1. Local Community Updates: For businesses that rely on local customers, (Boutiques, salons, real estate agents, I'm talking to you!) one of the best ways to attract more customers is to establish yourself as the local community expert. Send daily Amazon Alexa updates to your potential customers with local news stories and community events. As a reliable source that they know, like, and trust, you will be converting listeners to customers in no time.
  2. Industry News: If most of your clients are other businesses, or if you are targeting a specific demographic, (Examples: Music Artists, Business Coaches, Social Media Consultants) connect with your target audience by sending Industry News updates. Let your audience know of changes to legal requirements, new opportunities in your industry, or where they can go to find more information. The key here is to be a critical resource for your target demographic, so that when they are looking to spend money on this industry, you are the first company or organization that comes to mind.
  3. Value-Added Content: Almost every business should use this tactic to convert more listeners to customers. Send something of value to your customers that normally you would charge money for. If you have a slime-making business, send out a weekly slime recipe via Alexa Flash Briefings. If you are a personal trainer, send out a daily 5-minute workout to your audience. Again, by establishing yourself as the expert of a particular topic, you will be the logical choice when customers are ready to make a purchase.
  4. Critical Business Updates: This last option should be used sparingly because listeners will tune you out if you self-promote too much....but, if you are a Real Estate Agent with a new home listed for sale, or if your coffee shop is offering a promotion on a certain day, Alexa Flash Briefings are one of the best ways to reach your target audience right now.

There are many services out there that will design a custom Alexa Skill for you, but most cost thousands of dollars and require computer programming skills. Here is simple way to update your audience through Alexa Flash Briefings just by sending an email.

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