Introducing: Raspberry Mills Business Mastermind Group

Last week we posted about how lonely it can be as a business don't really have coworkers to lean on the same way you would if you worked for someone else.

We received overwhelming feedback that business owners, entrepreneurs, and those looking to reach the next level in their business could really use a community to bounce ideas off of each other and share resources.

Your wish is our command: Introducing the Raspberry Mills Business Mastermind Group on Facebook.

In addition to having an incredible community of other inspiring and motivated people to connect with, you'll also receive:

  • Free Business Feature Blog Post. Would you like your business featured right here on the Raspberry Mills Blog, on Facebook and on LinkedIn? Join the Facebook group and we'll promote your business for free.
  • Monthly Mastermind Sessions. Once a month we'll take the top questions or issues business owners are facing and have an intensive online mastermind session where we share ideas and resources with each other.
  • Free Business Resources. We're always adding to our collection of free digital downloads. You can expect new content on a regular basis.
  • Business Book Club. Each month we'll feature a new business book and discuss together.
  • Lots of Giveaways and Discounts. The nature of our business is that we get other businesses looking to promote themselves to our network. This means free stuff for you. :-)

Join our Mastermind Group here, and don't forget to share with your business-minded friends! :-)

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