Making Phone Calls with Amazon Alexa

Making phone calls with Amazon Alexa is easier than you think. Even if you don't think you'd use it at home, imagine what it could do for your business. Instead of fumbling with your phone to find a number, or heaven-forbid, thumbing through a phone book. You can just ask Alexa to call whoever you'd like to speak with. If you run a business or organization, why not stock up on a few Echo Dots (or even better...snag the 2nd generation models for less) and give them to your employees. Think of the time and headache they can save by making fast phone calls just using voice commands. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Open the Alexa app (on your compatible device)
  2. Open the Communication icon. (It looks like a speech bubble)
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter and verify your mobile phone information.

Note: You may be prompted to verify your phone number via text message (SMS).

And then, when it comes to making a phone call, that couldn't be simpler.

  • To make a call to another compatible Echo device, say, "Call (John's) Echo."
  • To make a call to a mobile or landline number saved to your contacts, say, "Call (Mary's) mobile" or "Call (Kyle) at work".
  • To dial a mobile or landline number, say, "Call 8-4-4-5-8-2-5-3-9-2"
  • To end the call, just say, "Hang up" or "End Call"

Visit for a list of the latest Amazon Echo devices.

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