Neighborhood Housing Profile - McKennan Park

Having grown up in Sioux Falls, I've always loved the charm of the beautiful homes in the McKennan Park neighborhood. Throughout my time as a Real Estate Agent, I've realized how special this neighborhood really is. It's next to one of the city's best parks, close to Downtown AND grocery stores, and feels more like a charming neighborhood than an an urban area.

The mature trees and homes over a century old make it feel like you're stepping right out of a storybook. The homes surrounding the park start at a few hundred thousand dollars, and go all the way up to over a million dollars.

As a photographer, I love that at first glace, only the cars and streetlights give away the century that the photos are taken in. Without these technology signals, these photos likely look almost the same as they would have over 100 years ago.

The classic architecture, symmetry, and pristine condition of the homes in this neighborhood make these homes incredibly photogenic.

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