The Things No One Tells You About Starting A Business:

For any of you have started your own business, I'm sure you're very aware that starting your own business is a difficult thing.....but before you got into it, did you know it'd be that hard?  I didn't!

It's all the rage these days to say you're an entrepreneur, or starting your own business...but I don't think many people realize just what they're getting into before they start. The possibility of having your business be the next Uber or Facebook is so exciting! I believe that is mostly what keeps us small business owners motivated in the first weeks and months of business startup...because there's a lot of tough stuff that no one tells you, and that you might not have anticipated:

  • There are High Highs and Low Lows. Compared to working for someone else, running your own business is a crazy roller coaster. When you make the first sale, or help a client solve a problem, there is truly this incredible euphoria that YOU did this! All by yourself! But, when a deal falls through, or you don't meet your sales goals for the month, it's horribly disheartening.
  • It's lonely. No one else truly understands the challenges you're facing. No matter how supportive your significant other or any friends might be, they just aren't in your shoes. And any employees you have just don't understand either. They can count on a reliable paycheck each month, but the responsibility to make sure that money comes in is all yours.
  • It's difficult to get attention. How many people thought they'd start their own business, put a few posts on facebook, and watch the money come rolling in? You're not the only one! I think all of us entrepreneurs believe in our business so much, that we can't even imagine a scenario where our friends and family aren't as geared up about it as we are. The reality is that there's more noise than ever on social media, so getting the attention we want on our business is harder than ever.
  • There's no avoiding hard work. I don't know how many business books and coaches out there preach about making millions only working 4 hours a week, or claim they have the secret to the perfect work-life balance. After working with dozens of companies, the secret to success requires hard work. Always. You might put in those super great 4 hours each week, but your competitor is putting in 16+ hours of hard work each day. I think we can all agree that it requires harder work and longer hours than we anticipated.

But, the bottom line is that owning your own business can be more fulfilling and rewarding than you ever imagined. If you thrive on being able to pave your own path and welcome the biggest challenge of your life, then starting your own business just might be the right thing for you.

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