Why You Need Alexa Routines

Amazon Alexa Routines

Even if you already have an Amazon Alexa device, I'm guessing you haven't played around with routines all that much. That's ok! You're not alone! You're probably feeling like you already have your morning & evening routines figured out, so there's no need to complicate things with Amazon Alexa, right? I thought that myself, until I decided to give it a try just to be able to speak intelligently about it when people asked. Now I'm hooked. It seriously is worth your consideration. Here are a few ideas of how you could use Alexa Routines, and at the end of the article, I've got instructions on how to set it up. :-)

  1. Idea #1: Morning Routine - At precisely 6:00am each day, your bathroom lights turn on, your coffee maker starts brewing, and Alexa reads your weather forecast and the news you're interested in hearing for the day. With just a couple of light bulbs or smart plugs and adjusting some settings on your phone, this is so simple to do.
  2. Idea #2: Start My Day Routine - When you say, "Alexa, Start My Day", Alexa will tell you what's on your calendar for the day, tell you what the current traffic is like, and play your favorite "Get Pumped" song. No special hardware required here!
  3. Idea #3: Evening Routine - When you say, "Alexa, Good Night", your bedroom lights turn off, your doors are locked, and your thermostat turns down a few degrees. To make this happen, a few light bulbs, door locks, and a smart thermostat will do the trick.

Obviously, the possibilities here are endless. If you can control something in your home with a smart device (and now even a microwave is on that list), you can probably add it to one of your routines. Instead of wondering if you remembered to close the garage door before you go to bed, you can just make sure closing the garage door is part of your Evening Routine!

Setting up your routines is much easier than you might think. From your Amazon Alexa App:

  • Choose "Routines" from the menu
  • Click the "+" in the upper right corner to create a new Routine
  • Select "When this happens" and choose whether you'd like the Routine to be activated by a voice command, at a certain time each day, or through some device.
  • Then, select which actions you'd like to happen when the initiating action takes place.

That's all there is to it! Wondering what other devices Alexa can control? Check out the full list on Amazon.

Want your business to be featured as part of that News Update people are listening to each day? I can help with that too. Send me a message and we'll talk about how to get your business on the Amazon Alexa platform. :-)

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