Alexa Office Assistant

How much time do you and your employees spend on repetitive, tedious tasks, like managing calendars, dialing in to meetings, or searching for information?

Amazon Alexa can help solve this problem by acting as a personal assistant for you and everyone in your organization.

Alexa lets people use their voice to interact with technology so they can take care of these tasks just by asking. Alexa can help people stay organized and focused on the things that matter, whether they are working in their office or at home.

Alexa can simplify conference rooms, allowing meeting attendees to start meetings and control the equipment in the room by simply using their voice. Alexa can also do things around the workplace, like providing directions to a conference room, notifying IT about a broken printer, or placing an order for office supplies.

Getting set up is much easier than you think. Just purchase the required number of devices, and follow our guide to get each device set up. If you're in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area, we'd be happy to come to your location and set up the devices for you.

Alexa for Business

Step 1: Purchase Desired Number of Devices:

  • For Each Small Conference Room: One Echo or Echo Plus
  • For Each Large Conference Room: One Echo Dot (Office Must Have Integrated AV Equipment)
  • For Each Individual Office: One Echo Dot or Echo Show

Step 2: Set up Your Devices. Follow the instructions here provided by Amazon to set up your devices.