Alexa Skills & Flash Briefings

How would you like to be able to talk directly to every single member of your target audience every single day, right in their own home? Imagine how that would impact your business or organization.

Now you can, and no programming or technical expertise required!  We've got several different programs to choose from that all make it easy to connect with your target audience.

All options include:

  • Initial Skill Design & Development
  • Testing and Quality Assurance Prior to Launch
  • Custom-Branded Skill in the Alexa Skill Store - Including Your Organization's Logo
  • Unlimited Listeners/Skill Users
  • Skill Hosting & Maintenance
  • Any Required Updates Based on Amazon Rule/Policy Changes
  • Marketing as a Preferred Partner on Raspberry Mills Website and Social Media Channels
Here is a summary of our most popular options:

Text Flash Briefing

With our Text Flash Briefing, you can send a new message to your entire Alexa audience just by sending an email. We pull the text from your email, and Alexa reads it to your audience as part of their daily flash briefing. This is the simplest to use skill, and and a great way to get started with Amazon Alexa updates.

Audio Flash Briefing

With our Audio Flash Briefing option, you can either have your audio updates be included in your listener's Flash Briefings, or you can have a standalone skill where your audience can hear your audio updates. This option allows for more customization than the Text Flash Briefing, and is excellent for podcasters. Reach even more people by making your podcasts available via Amazon Alexa.

Game Show Skill

Another popular option is to develop an Alexa Game Show for your brand or organization. Alexa asks your listener a series of questions, and gives him or her a score at the end. This option is great for schools and training/education companies.

Information Look-Up Skill

This Skill connects to your organization's API - which means we can look up information for the users of your skill. We can allow them to easily check current rates or prices, access weather updates, or search for product numbers. If you want your listeners to be able to ask a question and have the Alexa Skill look up an answer for them, this is the Skill you need!

Custom Skills

We're happy to create custom skills based on your unique idea! There are limitless possibilities for new Alexa Skills. We can incorporate your videos, we can let listeners email you directly from the Skill, and more! Give us a call to discuss your idea.

If you're ready to get started, please click on the corresponding link below. Or, if you'd like to discuss your ideas with us, please click on the "Contact Us" link on this page. :-)