Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings for Real Estate Agents

Maybe you've tried some of the traditional ways of reaching your potential customers:

  • Cold Calling
  • Door Knocking
  • In-Person Networking
  • Sending postcards and mailers

And maybe you've even tried to reach potential clients through the use of newer technology:

  • Email Lists
  • Text Messages
  • Social Media Pages & Advertising

But, even those strategies are losing their effectiveness because EVERYONE is fighting for customer attention through those channels. What can you do about it?

You can look to where potential client's attention is going....they're all turning to VOICE platforms for their latest news and updates. It's estimated that over 50 million Americans have Amazon Echo devices, and they consistently use them to make purchasing decisions.

What if you could speak to your potential clients every single day, right in their own home?

Now, it's possible to do just that with Amazon Alexa. You can convey the same information you are now....just in Voice format. You can send community updates, tips on the home-buying or selling process, or notify your audience of new listings available. All through their Echo device! (Pro tip: Give away Echo devices as a promotion, and then you've got another built-in listener to your updates. ;-) )

Our system is the first of it's kind to let you connect to your Alexa audience just by sending an email. Until now, you had to learn computer programming yourself, or hire a high-dollar development firm to design a custom solution for you.

Our system lets you connect to your audience every time you send a simple email. We work the magic behind the scenes to translate your email into your audience's Flash Briefing. You can send as many updates to your audience as you'd like - all for one low monthly price.

Separate yourself from other Real Estate Agents by being on the cutting edge of technology when communicating with potential clients. Get started with your own custom Flash Briefing today!