Amazon Alexa for Real Estate Listings

Imagine if prospective buyers could walk into your listing, and there was always someone there to greet them and tell them all the wonderful things about home.

No need to be present for every showing to make sure the buyer's agent doesn't forget anything important. Alexa can share all of this information with them!

Our system is simple. Potential buyers walk into your listing and say, "Alexa, tell me about this home." and Alexa tells them something like this:

"Welcome to 2213 Victoria Avenue. This beautiful, historic 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home has recently been completely renovated. There's a brand new chef's kitchen with designer appliances, two master suites with whirlpool tubs, and every man's dream man cave in the basement - a luxury movie theater with surround sound, and game room with wet bar, pool table, and poker table. This home even has some secret surprises! Can you find the hidden room behind the bookshelf? And, there's a time capsule that has been buried in the backyard since 1970 - ready to be opened in 2020 after 50 years underground! Enjoy your tour, and feel free to contact the listing agent at 605-225-7594 with any additional questions."

Our system makes it possible, and it's incredibly straightforward to use.

  • Use any Amazon Echo device. Purchase one here, or use a device you already own.
  • Just connect the Echo to your listing's wifi network and make sure the Skill we create for you is added to the device. (Don't worry...this is very simple, and we'll provide instructions if it's your first time adding a Skill to an Echo device.)
  • No need to learn any Alexa programming - we do that for you.
  • To add the description of the home to the Echo device, you just have to send an email with the description in the body. If you can send an email, you can work this system!
  • What if your listing sells and you want to use this Echo device at another listing? No problem, just move the Echo device to the new home, and send an updated email to the address we give you. The Echo device will read the most recent email you send. This means that you can use one Echo device over and over again at as many listings as you'd like - all for one price.
  • We've got packages for one listing at a time or multiple packages at a time. No setup fees or long-term contracts required. Cancel or change your plan at any time.