Alexa Skills

How would you like to be able to talk directly to every single member of your target audience every single day, right in their own home? Imagine how that would impact your business or organization.

Now you can, and all you have to know how to do is send an email. No programming or technical expertise required! Here's how it works:
  1. You send an email from your computer or smartphone with your message.
  2. Your target audience hears that message in Alexa's voice on their Amazon Echo Device.

    That's all there is to it! We handle all the behind-the-scenes magic to make it happen. Here are some examples of who this system is helping:

    • High Schools and Colleges. Alexa tells students and parents, "Classes have been cancelled today. Enjoy the snow day."
    • Local Cupcake Shop. Alexa notifies nearby residents, "Sprinkles Bakery in Midtown is giving away free cupcakes from 1:00pm to 2:00pm tomorrow. Stop in for your free cupcake!"
    • Clothing Direct Sales. Notify your customers of new product updates and with a flash briefing that says, "The Spring Collection has just been released. Use coupon code SPRING for 10% off your purchase today."
    • Local News, Radio, & City Organizations. Provide up-to-the-minute news updates for your community by being the first to deliver them the latest news - right in their own home.
    • Touring Rock Band. Let your fans know where they can hear you play, "Catch the Rusty Spoons at the County Fair on August 15. Tickets on sale now!"

    How this works:

    You (or a member of your organization) sends an email (to an address that we'll provide for you) with whatever update you want your target audience to hear, at whatever frequency you prefer (This can be weekly, daily, or even hourly!).

    The body of your email will be translated word-for-word into your audience's Flash Briefing via Amazon Alexa. So, just type whatever you want them to know. Send Little League scores, notify of events, or send news to your community, just by typing an email.

    On the receiving end, your target audience just has to add your channel to their Alexa Flash Briefing. It's completely free for them, and they can listen to your updates any time of day or night in their own home.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Who can hear my messages? Anyone who adds your news updates to their Alexa Flash Briefing can hear the updates, so be sure not to include sensitive information that you do not want to be made public.
    • How hard is it for my audience to set this up? All they have to do is add your specific news feed to their Alexa Flash Briefing via an Echo device or the Alexa App. It's easy and absolutely free for them! But, we'll provide instructions with your order that you can pass along to your audience.
    • How often should I send updates? This is totally up to you. You can update as frequently as you'd like, and your audience will hear any updates the next time they ask Alexa for their Flash Briefing.
    • What email address do I send it to? We create a dedicated email address for you to use. You can keep that email address private if you want full control over the content that is released, or you can share it with an administrative team if there will be a group of people contributing to the news updates.
    • What if I spell a word wrong? Keep in mind that Alexa will be translating everything you type into spoken word, so proofread your message before you send.
    • How does my email content get turned into Alexa updates? That's the magic of our system. We'll handle that part, so you can focus on providing excellent content.
    • How long does it take to set up? Our team can generally get your organization's system set up within 1 week, and then Amazon requires approximately 1 additional week to review and approve it. So, you can expect your news to be live within 2 weeks of placing your order.
    • How much does it cost? Initial setup is $250, and the cost to continue to reach your target audience is $100 per month. There are no contracts, so you can cancel at any time via our Customer Portal or by contacting us directly. And there are no limits to the number of times you can send updates to your target audience or the number of audience members who can listen to your updates.