Project Management Consulting

We're proud to offer custom Project Management Solutions to fit your organization's needs. We can either work within your infrastructure and project program, or we can help provide tools and resources to help you achieve desired results. Our solutions include:

  • Contract Project Management Services - For organizations looking for additional support, we can manage projects remotely so you can focus on other, more important things.
  • Project Review & Recovery - If you feel like you're consistently struggling to meet milestones and financial obligations, we can help! We'll take a look at your existing Project Management Process and provide guidance and tools to get your projects back on track.
  • Project Portfolio Management - Many busy organizations struggle with how to prioritize projects and manage multiple initiatives. We can help with either a one-time event to prioritize projects, or some tools and strategies for long-term portfolio management.
  • Organizational Change Management - Every organization resists change. It's universal. If you feel like you're struggling to get your organization on-board with new initiatives, we can help with the transition and culture change.
  • Project Management Methodology Implementation - Whether you already have a Project Process established, or you're looking for someone to train your team and provide Project Management resources, we can help.
  • Project Management Mentorships - So many organizations just need a help line to call when they have a question they need answered. We're happy to provide either a structured, or an on-demand mentorship program for your organization's Project Managers.

Please contact us with your organization's needs, and we'll set up a free, no-obligation phone call to determine if we're the right partner for you! Email us at: