Email Marketing: Beginner's Email Insider Blueprint

Email Marketing: Beginner's Email Insider Blueprint

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Welcome to Email Marketing: Beginner's Email Insider Blueprint!

As a member you have full access to this crash course on how to fully automate your email marketing campaigns.

The Email Marketing Insider Course consists of 4 modules:

  • Your Email List - In this module you'll we'll explore one of the most popular email marketing platforms, Aweber. Here you'll learn the basics of creating your list and forms in Aweber. You'll also see a ninja tactic to turning your Facebook page into a custom opt in form to help you start building a list from Facebook.
  • Send Emails - In this module you'll learn how to send emails correctly to optimize your open rates. There are two different ways you can send emails, and you'll need how to do both. You'll also learn how to automate your email sending so you can focus on other parts of your business.
  • Email Optimization - In this module you will learn how to effectively manage your subscribers. Doing this correctly will be an integral part of your success, especially when you're managing multiple lists. You'll also see how to control your lists by understanding Aweber's automation rules and how to take the next step and integrate Aweber with other third party applications using an email parser. Finally, you'll learn how to effectively analyze Aweber's reports to optimize your campaigns to make them even more profitable.
  • List Building Extras - In this module you'll learn how to create your own website to host your Aweber forms on. Having your own site gives you all the control when it comes to building your list. You'll also learn how to turn your site into a customizeable blog using Wordpress. Wordpress allows you to easily put up a web page without any web design knowledge. Finally, we'll show you how to use a secret widget to add your Aweber form to your Wordpress blog to turn fully integrate your web form and set your list building to hyper drive.

We've only included what we think are the most important factors in optimizing your email marketing campaigns.

We hope you get a lot of value from this course and as always we'd love to hear your feedback!

Email Marketing: Beginner's Email Insider Blueprint

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