FREE COURSE: Lessons in Entrepreneurship: Walt Disney

FREE COURSE: Lessons in Entrepreneurship: Walt Disney

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Walt Disney revolutionized several industries in his career. From animation to film and amusement parks, Walt Disney was a true innovator. What is less well understood about the Walt Disney business story is constant selling, financing, and grit it took to make these dreams a reality.

Walt and his brother Roy built their business one small step at a time. They did not raise venture capital. They were not huge successes out of the gate. Walt's first 2 businesses failed before he was 30 years old.

The Walt Disney entrepreneurial journey is one any entrepreneur can learn from and model. Walt and Roy were true entrepreneurs at their core that sacrificed everything to be successful.

If you are passionate about entrepreneurship and want to know what it is really like, Walt Disney's story will be immensely helpful for you.

Key components of the course are:

  • Detailed timelines around Walt's life and major events
  • Macro lessons to help entrepreneurs structure their thinking
  • Micro tactics to implement in your business immediately
  • Additional insights from today's founders and the instructor

This course will give you the perspective and knowledge you need to begin your own entrepreneurial journey.

Lessons in Entrepreneurship: Walt Disney

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