Home Staging Consultation

Home Staging Consultation

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As a Real Estate Agent, you have so many other things needing your attention besides helping the homeowners figure out how to present their home in the best light.

So, let us do that for you!

We meet with your homeowner for up to an hour, and discuss their perceptions of their home, their concerns, and their interest in improving their property before it's listed for sale.

Then, we prepare a written report sent to both you and your client that provides recommendations in three different categories:

  • Simple Fixes: These are usually free and fast improvements that can make a big difference in how prospective buyers perceive the home: washing windows, decluttering spaces, rearranging existing furniture, etc.
  • Value-Add Changes: These are more involved changes that may require small financial investments from your clients, but they make a huge difference in the saleability of the home: painting rooms, repairing broken fixtures, etc.
  • Major Improvements: These are significant changes that may require a substantial investment from your client, but could potentially increase the value of the home dramatically: kitchen renovations, roof replacements, landscaping, etc.

We provide a comprehensive list of things that your client can do to dramatically improve their home's impression on buyers. We also provide contact information for contractors that can help them with these tasks. It still is completely up to them whether they decide to make these changes, but we can help have that difficult conversation with them to let them know what might need improving. 

Some Real Estate Agents pay for our consultation as a service to their clients, and some simply recommend our services to homeowners. We're happy to work with both Agents and Clients - in whatever arrangement works best for you!

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