JLL Capital Markets - Photography Request

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This invoice is for aerial, exterior, and interior photography at the following 23 properties:

  1. Willowwood Apartments
  2. Arnold's Park Apartments
  3. Cleveland Heights Apartments
  4. Turning Leaf Apartments
  5. Eagle's Nest Apartments
  6. Mallard Cove Apartments
  7. Parkside Commons
  8. Sycamore Court Apartments
  9. Holiday Manor Apartments
  10. Lake Park Apartments
  11. Mayfair Apartments
  12. North Cleveland Apartments
  13. River Run Apartments
  14. Amber Leaf Apartments
  15. Eastview Apartments
  16. Sandy Creek Apartments
  17. Timber Creek Apartments
  18. Richmond Townhomes
  19. Sherman Apartments
  20. Conklin Manor Apartments
  21. North Lake Apartments
  22. Summit Apartments
  23. 47th & Marion Apartments

Final price includes all costs associated with subcontracting drone photographers - including restricted air space approvals and rush delivery fees. It also includes all rush delivery, and minor editing fees for exterior & interior photos. Minimal editing was performed on photos, and true HDR was not captured in order to meet rush delivery deadline. JLL Capital Markets are free to publish and distribute photos without restrictions.